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Perennial Test Labs

Your home for agricultural testing and research for at-home cultivators.

A Nonprofit Organization



Rapid test means quicker lessons learned. Test results are normally available 24 hours after sample collection.

Highest Accuracy

Our test equipment has a proven track record of repeatability and calibrations that are always up to date.

Certified staff

With over 50 years of combined engineering experience in total, our staff of industry experienced engineers and lab technicians are focused on providing the best experience for our members .

Secure sample collection

Our sample collection process ensures the quality of the sample and ensures that the sample does not get contaminated by outside sources. 

About Us

Perennial Test Labs is a nonprofit organization with the mission to study, monitor, and raise awareness of the use of pesticides and other chemicals in the agriculture sector.  Our team is composed of engineers and lab technicians that provide detailed testing reports to help cultivators make educated decisions.


Our Lab

Our state-of-the-art testing lab features industry leading test equipment. Our on-site engineers are committed to providing a high level of quality, efficiency, and reliability.

We use analytical testing methods to derive to the answers that will help home gardeners/cultivators optimize their production processes. View a sample test report below.

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